What is "Full Event Transportation"?

You arrive in Florida early in the morning, you can hear the Captain's smile as he says, "It's a comfortable 82 degrees here in sunny Florida with clear blue skies and a cool ocean breeze." It's not your first time to Florida but visiting Florida for work or play still makes your heart pound a little faster. You grab your bag and start walking towards the sunshine.

Here is where Full Event Transportation kicks in. You may be greeted by your driver, or head to a car already reserved for you. Thinking happy thoughts on the way to your hotel about the time and comfort you saved not dealing with car rentals or taxis, you start thinking ahead to the day's events.


Whether you have meetings or seminars, special events or are visiting multiple destinations; Kirkland Event and Destination Services gets you where you need to go, when you want to be there, back again safely and always on time. Your staff and event participants are equally covered with transportation to daily activities, seminars, and evening events..