On-Property Themed Events

Kirkland Event & Destination Services is here to support your staff (or yourself) in whatever capacity you deem most fitting; we can manage just the smaller, more trying event planning aspects, filling in the service gaps your staff finds challenging, or we can plan the entire on-property event from planning to completion and beyond, and you and your staff can act in the capacity of only a supervisory resource. In this instance you, or your designated staff members, retain all final-approval rights, with our Kirkland staff handling all the foot-work, management, contracting, planning, and implementation, all within the assigned on-property event budget.

When deciding to hold your event on property, you may benefit from a more economical approach, as well as enjoy the familiarity of the venue. Regardless of these advantages, the amount of work is still significant which is where Kirkland Event & Destination Services excels. We are ready to manage or assist in managing all necessary aspects, including, and exceeding the following:


•  Negotiations with contracting and managing service providers (including all scheduling and service coordination)
•  Rental of communications equipment
•  Arranging of multi-media equipment, installation, operation, and removal (and any associated services)
•  Program and itinerary development (including printing services and distribution)
•  Sourcing, contracting and coordinating schedules of optional enhancements such as on-site entertainment, lighting and decor


You can count on Kirkland Event & Destination Services to manage all on-property event planning needs, with vigilant attention to detail and open communication; two fundamental keys of success!