On and Off Property Themed Events

Off-Property Themed Events

Off-property events offer diversity and endless possibilities. Planning off-property events does present a unique set of challenges for individuals and companies; these are challenges that can be drastically reduced by partnering with Kirkland Event & Destination Services. By allowing them to work for you, and with you, to plan, coordinate, and manage your entire event.

Off-property event planning begins with unique venue selection. Researching, contacting, and choosing an off-property event venue is a highly time consuming process, but Kirkland minimizes the amount of time and personnel expenditure by handling all of this for you, ahead of time. By checking availability, narrowing venues down by budget, capacity, service offerings, and other specifications you communicate, they can save you time and money which is essential for any company. Kirkland will provide you with the best venue choices given your needs and specifications, along with all of the details you need to know to make the best decision for you.

Once your venue is selected, Kirkland will support you by managing every aspect of the event. This includes:


•  Initial contact and site scheduling with the venue
•  Negotiate rates and group/package deals
•  Discuss additional services as needed; such as food and beverage services
•  Tremendous buying power


Kirkland Events does not consider the event complete until we hear the final word of satisfaction from you and your attendees.



At Kirkland Event and Destination Services, it does not matter if you are planning an event in South Florida or an exotic retreat to anywhere in the world. We are well versed and knowledgeable in destination event locations everywhere; for those we have yet to discover, we have developed effective research techniques and we look forward to partnering with you on your destination event adventures!