All work and no play make your program well…work. With a rough idea of what your group members and their companions might take interest in, we will research nearby entertainment options. A sampling of entertainment options might include:

• Theater, dance, ballet, mystery or dinner theater options
• Live music, magicians and games
• Private gallery showings
• Shows and performances
• Specialty food or wine tastings

There's really no way to detail every entertainment option that might become possible for your event; event planning is highly individualized to the client, company or individual and the interests of the group. If you and your group members have an interest in something, Kirkland will work to bring that entertainment experience to you, within the best of abilities and the limits of your locale.


With the approval of entertainment selections, the Kirkland Event & Destination Services staff will pursue any necessary arrangements. We will make sure you receive the highest quality of entertainment around, and that includes the best contractual terms and pricing. Some of the services that Kirkland Events can offer are as follows:


•  Packaging, pricing, and terms negotiation
•  Reservation(s)
•  Ticket purchasing (if applicable)
•  Coordination of scheduling and event offerings
•  Transportation arrangements to and from destination(s)


And of course, any other service you need us to manage for you relating to entertainment. Entertainment services extend to any member attending your event including spouses, children, participants, VIP's, speakers and presenters. As we promise, we make sure every destination event attendee has an enjoyable time, and returns 'home with a smile'.