Communication is fundamental for effective implementation of event planning services. Kirkland Event & Destination Services understands how critical it is to communicate openly and accurately throughout the entire planning process by communicating with group members and staff prior to, during and after an event. We strive to create that working relationship in order to help plan your program according to the specifications and budget.

Kirkland makes staying in touch easy. We have all the equipment available that you and your group could need to reach each other instantly. We offer communications equipment at daily and weekly rental rates, including:


•  Radios (GP300, 900 GTX, Nextel)
•  Cellular Phones
•  Cellular Air Time
•  Air Time


Daily and weekly communication equipment rental fees vary depending on number of units and services. Our staff is happy to discuss terms and pricing with you. Kirkland can offer full communication services and support so that your goal is achieved and is well organized!